Raya Thai Engadine Celebrates the Big 3-0!

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2017 marks the year of of Raya Thai Engadine’s 30th birthday and to celebrate 3 striking decades, we invited special guest David Cazalet ‘Elvis’ to ring in the festivities.

The room was brimming with guests, feasting on a vast buffet selection of Raya Thai classics that included: chicken sate, vegetarian spring rolls, chicken & prawn dumplings, chicken basil, drunken seafood, beef rendang curry, sweet & sour chicken with lychee and vegetarian pad sew ew noodles.

Enter, the king himself ‘Elvis’, as the room erupted with cheer as smoke, lights and music danced throughout the atmosphere. ‘Elvis’ belted out classics to a captivated audience with singing and dancing for a prime hour.

The night didn’t end there, as a dessert buffet awaited guests with a sweet supply of vanilla bean pannacotta & raspberry coulis, sticky black rice pudding, chocolate and vanilla cake and abundantly filled fruit platters.

Oh What a Night

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After much excitement and demand, David Cazalet waltzed into the building at Half-Past Seven on Wednesday night. A true-born entertainer saw the revival of many Elvis Classics, with guests tapping and dancing along to songs: ‘I Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’, ‘Walk Like and Angel’, ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and an abundance more. We were honoured to host such a spectaculr event and put on a treat. Take a look at snapshots we captured from the night, below. Enjoy!

RT Elvis 1

David Cazalet serenading guests

RT Elvis 4

A tender moment during the evening

RT Elvis 8

The night was completely entertaining as was David hitting the high notes

RT Elvis 7

Guests having a good time

RT Elvis 6

The night was in full swing, with many getting up to dance

RT Elvis 11

Even Dedi got up to dance!

RT Elvis 3

A delicious assortment of desserts was another highlight of the night, including: Vanilla Bean Pannacotta w/ Raspberry Coulis, Sticky Black Rice Pudding, Profiteroles, Jellies, Mixed Berry New York Cheesecake and Assorted Cakes

We hope you all had a great time; but judging by these pictures, we know it was more than that!

Raya Thai’s 5 Top Winter Warmers

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At Raya Thai Helensburgh we love winter, it’s the only time of the year when you have the best excuse to eat warm hearty food. Our dishes are cooked with an abundance of fresh ingredients and spices, which are the essentials during these colder months. Well we’ve made it easy for you and have chosen our top five winter warmers from both our Regular and ‘New Arrival’ menus.

  1. Beef Rendang Curry

Without a doubt a delicious winter warmer. It’s a curry packed to the brim with distinct flavours such as lemongrass and the Indonesian herb galangal. This is such a lovely curry served with rice.

  1. Laksa Soup

Hot creamy Laksa soup is next on our top five list. It is simply scrumptious with ingredients of shrimp paste, coconut milk and lemongrass. Choose from: chicken, prawn, seafood or vegetarian.

  1. Lamb Gulai Curry

Having our Lamb Gulai curry for dinner will make you the envy of your friends and family this winter. An amazing, succulent lamb curry cooked with turmeric and cumin along with roasted coriander in coconut cream, it will surely tantalise your taste buds and keep you nice and warm this winter. Best served with rice.

  1. Wonton Soup

Nothing spells chicken soup like ours. Our fragrant Wonton Soup is a great winter warmer starting from the hot chicken broth right to the prawn and chicken dumplings. It is so delicious you’ll be coming back for more.

  1. Lamb-orghini

Last, but never the least is our aromatic Lamb-orghini. This dish is from our ‘New Arrivals’ menu, a slow cooked lamb shank with delectable ingredients of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass with tomato puree in coconut cream. These winter nights will beckon you to take our Lamb-orghini for a spin.

So come in and try our winter warmers

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